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A divorce is a difficult and emotional time in anyone's life.  When minor children are involved, the difficulty is magnified significantly.  Having someone with experience to assist you through the difficult time ahead is crucial.  After 32 years as a family lawyer, David understands the divorce process, his clients and their individual needs.  He understands that divorce is not just about "things".  It is about the breakup of a family and all the issues that go along with it.  He understands that during the process, clients not only need someone who will advocate aggressively on their behalf, but also someone that will always "be there" for them during a rough, transitional time in their life. 


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In addition to being an experienced family law attorney, David is also a trained domestic/family law mediator.  He has been a partner at the Clarkston Mediation Center for four years.  As a mediator, David assists other parties (non-clients) in resolving their own domestic disputes with the objective of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.   David's approach to mediation is no difference than how he approaches a divorce case: the parties are better off, financially and emotionally,  when they resolve their own differences. 


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If you want or need a family lawyer, call David. He offers free consultations and charges fees that are fair and honest. When you work with David to resolve your family law issues, you can be assured that in addition to being charged an honest rate, you will be getting excellent legal services at any price.

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